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WORKSHOP: 6 Ancient Healing Sounds for Wellbeing

After 6 months of Traveling for Humanitarian purpose to teach those sounds and vibrations to many places with great results, I finnally found the time to offer a workshop in Toronto right before my next Trip.


Those Ancient healing techniques are extremely powerful and created positive results with thousands of people that I met from around the world.

In the last 3 years I bought over 100 planes tickets to teach those techniques around the world. Take the Opportunity and join us at Universtity of Toronto for this amazing Workshop.


Saturday March 28th From 6-9pm

Discover some powerful Self healing sounds that are used for thousands of years in remote areas. Those sounds has the power to bring back wellbeing in our physical body and our emotions.


Some Testimonials


Dear Gilles,

Words are not strong enough for me to express my thanks for the wonderful experience I had with you yesterday! I felt the killing  tension and heavy thoughts I’ve had recently disappeared and there was light instead! It was so beautiful and powerful that it’s hard to describe.

I am so happy I’ve met you. Thank you for giving me hope and help.Lucy


"When I left, it felt like I was walking on air the rest of the evening. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a soul-transforming experience."





General info, directions,... :  Email us at 789hilda@gmail.com

Teaching Sound & Vibrations to self heal in Hawaii at a Senior health care centre (humanitarian trip)




Huge transformation of this lady in Class of Sound & Vibrations



Hip pain disapeared after Class for Father Phil in Hawaii (humanitarian trip)



Remote session of Sound and Vibrations healing techniques...(French Caribbean)



Testimony of an Ophtalmologist in st Vincent ( Humanitarian trip)

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Email: gneplaz@gmail.com




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